Pinwheel reads unsolicited poetry submissions once per year during the month of May. 

Pinwheel is looking for two to three volunteer Assistant Poetry Editors to contribute to our editorial staff! Please read the details below. This call ends March 31, 2019.

First, at Pinwheel an Assistant Poetry Editor does not work ‘beneath’ anyone. We believe in a flat hierarchy, where editors can bring their opinions, beliefs, and dreams to the editorial table. 

Second, we are looking for advanced readers who can find beauty in poems by the emerging and established alike, and who aren’t beholden to a single aesthetic. It’s best if you appreciate poems of many styles, configurations, and forms. We especially love poems that disrupt traditional norms, even if they employ standard forms.

Finally, at Pinwheel we are committed to publishing work from a diverse spectrum of voices. We want our editorial board to reflect that commitment. We are looking for editorial perspectives from underrepresented/minority communities (P.O.C., LGBTQIA+, persons with disabilities, etc.). If you identify as someone from one or more of these communities we especially encourage you to apply.


  • You read Pinwheel
  • Know how to be a part of, support, and grow the poetry community

Preferred Experience:

  • Experience as an editor of poetry, whether tied to an academic institution or independent journal or press
  • Experience working with other writers who engage with writing poetry and an understanding of the messy process and discomfort that accompanies writing, revising, editing, and providing feedback
  • Confidence in presenting your ideas and an editorial rationale in writing and/or during Google Hangouts
  • Exceptional writing and speaking skills
  • The belief that slush piles don’t exist, and all submissions, no matter from whom or where they come, are capable of shifting, building, and illuminating each issue
  • An understanding of independent literature and its impact on the poetry community
  • Experience with Submittable (from an editor’s perspective) is a real plus
  • Experience with online publishing platforms (such as WordPress) is another real plus

Main Responsibilities:

  • Read through batches of unsolicited poetry submissions. Currently, Pinwheel only reads unsolicited work during the month of May.
  • Meet weekly deadlines during and after Pinwheel’s annual open reading period
  • Write and share rationales for editorial selections. What do you find necessary and moving about the poem(s)? Why?   
  • Pitch writers that you would like to solicit to the Poetry Editors.

If you're interested, please submit a very brief CV/resume and include a cover letter. In your cover letter, please mention why you would like to work with us. Also, tell us about how your favorite contemporary poets have impacted your writing and editing. Submissions without a cover letter will not be considered.

The submission period ends March 31, 2019!